Automating the kitchen light using a motion sensor – version 1

Carrying on from my previous post about home automation. This is how I achieved automating my kitchen light switch.

The requirements.

  • Version 1 – When someone walks into the kitchen turn the light on.
  • Version 2 – Only turn the light on when it is dark
  • Version 3 – Turn the light off after 2 minutes after it was turned on by detecting motion.

The Process

Please click on the images to make them larger and easier to read.

Version 1


  1. Create a new applet

2. Choose the trigger

3. Choose the Motion detected trigger

4. Setup the trigger options

5. Setting up the trigger has been completed.

6. Select the action

7. Select Power on device option

8. Setup the action

9. Set the description of the applet and whether to receive notifications (this is good to start with to help make sure it works)

10. Select Finish to complete the applet

This works well, but turns the light on every time someone moves in the kitchen regardless of time of day. Also because the gateway has to talk to the IFTTT service there is a delay in the light switching off.


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